Meet the First Secretary

Success is simply not possible when paired with a lack of failure.

-First Secretary Jamez

Jamez, First Secretary

Jamez is the First Secretary, Legislative Body Member representing Kassinovia, the leader of Desert District's Democratic Socialist Coalition, and the founder of Desert District. He founded Desert District in June 2020, in a small uninhabited piece of desert in his city, hence the name Desert District. He was able to claim this land as it was owned collectively by the citizens of his city. Though he resigned in July due to personal issues, he was re-elected in September after a break.

He has been in the micronational community since he was just 10 years old, but departed at 11 to handle more personal micronationalism. He re-entered at 13 to found Desert District, which moves on proud to this day.

Ask Jamez

Ever had a question for Jamez you've been dying to know the answer to? Well you might enjoy Ask Jamez, where you answer questions anonymously or with your name and I respond.

What are your influences? - Anonymous

This is a great question, actually. I became interested in micronationalism when I was just 10 years old. A person in the community who goes by Woland, he's also a Legislative Body member of Desert District, told me about Sealand, arguably the most well-known micronation. I did something I certainly regret after, I purchased a title, something I am now quite opposed to as I believe they should rather be earned than bought. Within a year, I had claimed a school table where we ate lunch. That micronation without a doubt was very influential to me.

The "micronation" there known as This Table was quite interesting to say the least... It had some sort of a legal and government system, and it got the job done I suppose. Now, that micronation is now something I am especially proud of. That being said, I would be lying if I were to say that it didn't contribute significantly to the micronationalist I am today. There was one micronation after that that could not have lasted for more than a week, and shortly after that I pretty much forgot about micronationalism, and I re-joined this community at 14 and founded Desert District.

Hey Jamez, you are very cool, if you were to leave Pavlov/Deseret District, what would be your last message to either of these nations? - HM Despot Ivan Brienskiy

Your Majesty Despot Ivan Brienskiy, I appreciate the question. The answer, to be perfectly honest, I am not certain about it. I am quite satisfied with my status and experience within both the Empire of Pavlov and Desert District. However, all good things must come to an end, so it is most likely something I should consider. Unfortunately, that is quite a bit easier said than done. But I do believe I have a bit of an idea of what I might say, to the people of Desert District, as well as to the people of Pavlov and His Imperial Majestsy Aleksandr IV Feofanoyvych.

I imagine I would say what exactly cuased me to leave first, however I cannot really predict the reasoning when this is most likely something to happen years in the future if before my death. Therefore, I cannot be too much more specific on that note. But I do suspect that when I would tell the people about my departure, I would tell them how much I admire and appreciate them, as well as how they have bettered me both as a person and as a Senator in Pavlov and as the First Secretary of Desert District. I truly have been honorerd to serve in both of these positions. Lastly, I think I would just say farewell.

Hello Jamez. What inspired you to make Desert District, and how can I do the same? - Brahma Chaudari

Hi Brahma, thanks for the question. It's a great one! As I explained in another Ask Jamez answer, this is not my first micronation, in fact it is my third. However, I have been far more dedicated to his one compare to any other one without a sliver of doubt for sure. And I really do think that just putting in the work, putting in the time, is my greatest tip for how you can indeed do the same. And I encourage you do that, use your micronation as a platform for your values. Do what you are confident is right.

Regarding your question on what inspired me, I think my answer to "What are your influences?" could help answer your question. Good luck!

Given your original and somewhat controversial arrival to the MicroWiki community, do you feel like you have since improved your image within the community? - Zed/Zarel

Good day Zed, I really appreciate the question. When I first entered the MicroWiki community I hadn't participated in micronationalism in about 2 or 3 years, so this was a fresh start. But the MicroWiki community, to be perfectly honest, was not at all what I imagined it to be. I responded to this poorly, the whole micronational community had changed so much and I hadn't even known about the MW community. I reacted as humans naturally do to change: poorly. I made bad decisions, became defensive, and a bit of a jerk.

However, once I really settled in I believe my position and status within the community took a turn from there. I really think my "intro" per se into this community served as a learning experience, and I've learned from it up until this very day. Overall, I do think my image and what first comes to mind when people hear the word(s) "Jamez" and "Desert District" is much better than what it was just a few months back. Thanks for the great question.