Desert District

No matter the time, no matter the place, Desert District shall live on!

Welcome to Desert District's official site. Here you can find information and links to other sources of Desert District information.

What is Desert District?

Desert District is a sovereign state in Southern California, surrounded entirely by the United States of America. It was founded by incumbent First Secretary Jamez in June 2020, and has been around ever since.

How does the government work?

First Secretary

The Head of State is the First Secretary, a position elected every three months by the citizens of Desert District. They have power over the military and in somen cases veto power of the Legislative Body.

Legislative Body

Desert District's legislature is made up individuals from the 7 cities of Desert District. All are elected every three months simultaneous with the First Secretary. One member writes and drafts legislation and they then vote, and if passed it becomes law.

High Court

The High Court primarily manages the judicial process of Desert District outlined in the Konstitucio. There are two members, both appointed by the First Secretary.


A significant majority of individuals in Desert District are citizens, those who do not actually live in the nation but are involved, vote, and have rights outlined by the Konstitucio and national law.


To contact the First Secretary's Office, send a message to the Office of the First Secretary. Staffers will get back to you ASAP.